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The price of processing and cryopreservation will be decreased from $1,870 to $1,370* for Blue365 members. Payment plans are available for as low as just $46 per month for 48 months**

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CORD:USE Cord Blood Bank is very pleased to offer a large discount on our high quality cord blood banking services. Our Family Cord Blood Bank uses the same highly advanced technologies, to protect, process and cryopreserve cord blood, that we use in our leading Public Cord Blood Bank which was chosen by the HRSA of the U.S. Department of Health to help build the National Cord Blood Inventory. Cord blood stem cells are being used in the treatment of more than 70 diseases. CORD:USE is led by an unparalleled team of the world’s leading pioneers and experts in cord blood banking, research, and transplantation. At their direction, CORD:USE uses the most advanced technologies available to protect your baby’s cord blood.

*There is an additional $150 medical courier fee and $125 fee for the first year of storage.

**Payment plans are available through CareCredit and are subject to credit approval.


Please click and complete the requested information. On Enrollment Step 4 of 5 you will be prompted for a Coupon Code. Please enter the code “CORDUSE365” in the box labeled Coupon Code and the price will be changed to reflect your discount.

If you have any questions please call us directly at 1.888.CORDUSE (267.3873) or email us at [email protected]