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Matt Farrow – World’s 1st (1988) successful cord blood transplant recipient and CORD:USE Team Member

Why Parents Choose Us

Our processes and our commitment to quality assurance make us a top choice in cord blood banking for expectant parents. This focus on quality is at the heart of our organization, and drives us to continue utilizing advanced technologies and best practices.

CORD:USE Family Cord Blood Bank’s state of the art laboratory is accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and uses similar procedures and highly advanced technologies which it does in its public bank. No other family bank uses the same combination of highly advanced technologies used by CORD:USE.

CORD:USE’s team’s knowledge of critical factors that affect future viability of cord blood stem cells guides CORD:USE’s utilization of high quality practices and highly advanced technologies.

Our Technology

Cord Blood Collection

We designed our cord blood collection kit with input from obstetricians, midwives, and labor & delivery nurses in order to achieve maximum efficiency for the collection of your baby’s cord blood.

We provide online training to Obstetricians and Midwives in order to optimize the collection of your baby’s cord blood.

We only use a FDA approved cord blood collection bag and the only FDA recommended anticoagulant (citrate - based) for cord blood.

Shipping Technology

Our shipping technology was the Winner of the U.S. Army Greatest Inventions Award and is credited with saving lives on the battlefield and revolutionizing the method used for distributing temperature-sensitive medical products19.

Third party testing performed by Fisher BioServices of Thermo Fisher Scientific revealed that the award winning shipping container exclusively used by CORD:USE protects cord blood far longer than every other container tested.

19 - June C, U.S. Army, ‘Golden Hour Box’ developer reflects on career, September 4, 2012. http://www.army.mil/article/86654/_Golden_Hour_Box__developer_reflects_on_career/ (accessed May 12, 2015).

Maternal Fetal Medical Specialist and Biomedical Engineer, Robert Wolfson, MD, PhD authored the article, “Thermal Integrity of Shipping Containers Used by Private Cord Blood Banks,” which was published in OBGYN News. This article contains the results of Fisher BioServices subjecting the shipping containers of several family cord blood banks to hot and cold conditions in order to determine how well they protect cord blood. The CORD:USE container’s performance was far superior to the performance of the other cord blood banks.

Cord Blood Processing Technology

Sepax®, our automated processing technology, uses a functionally closed system that protects the integrity and viability of your baby’s cord blood creating a greater likelihood that it will have a higher number of cells stored.

Single use kits in combination with an onboard centrifuge allows the Sepax to efficiently separate the stem cells from the other parts of the cord blood unit. The Sepax requires no operator intervention during the separation procedure, virtually eliminating operator-influenced processing errors.

Cryogenic Freezers

We use BioArchive® cryogenic freezers to protect your baby’s cord blood. These freezers, which are also used by the leading public banks such as Duke University, the New York Blood Center, and MD Anderson, were reported in a peer reviewed medical journal, Bone Marrow Transplantation, to preserve 6-7% more viability of the stored cord blood cells than the freezers used by almost all of the other family banks20.

20 - Rubinstein P. Cord blood banking for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant 2009;44:635-42.

This advanced, robotic, cryogenic device combines the critical processes of initially freezing the cord blood and the long term cryogenic storage of the cord blood. By combining these two crucial processes in the same cryogenic device, the exposure to room air when transferring the initially frozen cord blood to long term cryogenic storage is completely eliminated. Also. the BioArchive freezer, unlike other freezers, does not requiring opening and closing the lid and sometimes lifting racks of cord blood units out of the liquid nitrogen to insert or remove cord blood units. Exposure to room air, which occurs with more primitive freezers, can damage the cells in the cord blood unit.

Comparing Banks

Leadership and Experience to Protect Your Family’s Cord Blood CORD:USE CBR ViaCord
Obstetrician Led
Directed by a team of world's leading cord blood experts which has experience with thousands of cord blood transplants
Has experience with banking thousands of cord blood units
Has the experience of having a leading FACT accredited public cord blood bank
Processes, Technology, and Quality Practices to Protect Your Family’s Cord Blood CORD:USE CBR ViaCord
Uses a patented, award-winning shipping technology credited with revolutionizing the methods used for distributing temperature-sensitive medical products
Uses FDA approved cord blood collection bag
Uses the industry standard and FDA approved CPD liquid (heparin free) anticoagulant
Uses an advanced automated technology for processing all cord blood units
Uses an advanced automated cryo-storage technology

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