CORD:USE Pricing and Payment Plans

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Cord Blood Pricing
One-Time Processing Fee $1,870
One-Time Medical Courier Fee $150
Annual Storage Fee $125
Cord Tissue Pricing
One-Time Processing Fee and 1st Year's Storage $995
Annual Storage Fee $125

Discounts That May Apply:
CORD:USE offers 4 years free (a savings of $500) for prepayment of 18 years of storage fees.
CORD:USE offers discounts for twins and triplets; 50% off the one-time fees for each child after the first.
CORD:USE offers discounts for repeat clients.
CORD:USE offers discounts for military personnel. Please call 1.888.CORDUSE (267.3873) for more information.
CORD:USE offers benefits for referring a friend. 1 free year of storage for each referral or $100 Gift Card if storage is prepaid.
CORD:USE offers a Gift Registry to give friends and family members the opportunity to contribute toward the gift of cord blood banking. For more information, click here.

CORD:USE clients can apply for payment plans through our partners at GE Capital / CareCredit®. To set up a CareCredit® account, click here to be connected with the CORD:USE application page on the CareCredit® website. You can also apply for a CareCredit® account during the on-line enrollment process.

Payment plans as low as $50 per month!

Bank For The Future.

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